The San Michele Hotel in Cetraro, in the Province of Cosenza, offers guests a 9-hole Par 70 golf course immersed in a natural environment. Passing from the Practice Green to the Driving Range and on to the Club House, the landscape changes constantly offering captivating views and glimpses of rolling hills, woodlands, vineyards, century-old villages, watchtowers and the spectacle of the sea.

The golf course: holes

Hole 1 - 360 m, Par 4,  HCP 5/6 . Dogleg to left, slightly uphill. Hole narrowed by a line of cypress trees 150 m. from the green. The green is flanked by two greenside bunkers;

Hole 2 - 106 m, Par 3, HCP 17/18, short slightly uphill. The green is guarded by two large greenside bunkers. A rear flush-bunker is provided for directional functions;

Hole 3  - 506 m, Par 5, HCP ¾, longest of the course with double bend (first and second blind shots) and panoramic view. Entrance to green very narrow with vineyard on left and thickets/trees on right. On right and left there are two traps guarding the green;

Hole 4 – 303 m, Par 4, HCP 111/12, slightly uphill with green flanked by two greenside bunkers. Drive and pitch hole can be played safely also with two mid-iron shots;

Hole 5 - 125 m, Par 3, HCP 15/6. Spacious green barred by a cross-bunker, allows a wide choice of short clubs depending on the strength of player;

Hole 6 – 275 m, Par 4, HCP 13/14. Quite tricky tee shot to get past the road. Second to be played using a short mid-iron to the two-level green guarded by two greenside bunkers;

Hole 7 – 330 m, Par 4, HCP 9/10. Dogleg to left featuring a bunker at 220 m and entrance to two-level green flanked on either side by greenside bunkers creating a narrow course 10 m wide. The rear flush-bunker serves directional functions. Out of bounds runs continuously along the left side;

Hole 8 - 237 m, Par 4, HCP 7/8.  This is an abnormal hole, the blind stroke must aim at lightly grazing the eucalyptus trees on the left. With a continuous out of bounds running down the right side, maximum attention must be paid to choice of club and line of play. At 230 m, on the left side, the bunker makes finding the green much more difficult. The green is guarded by two greenside bunkers.

For more information call: (39) 0982-91012. 

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